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      Market Innovation products,Product Cohesion
      Strength,Strength driven sales,Dales build & future

      Taiwan Erlang Corporation founded in 1998,established the manufacturing base in China in 2005----Dongguan Erlang Technology Co.,ltd. It is an excellent high-tech enterprise with R&D, manufacture,sales and trading. We focus on the R&D and manufacturing magnetic reed switches, water level sensors, oil level sensor, flow sensor, float balls and other sensors. In order to serve our customers better, our company established the office in CiXi and ShunDe to form a further improved service system.


      OUR Culture


      Enterprise Spirit:Integrity, Responsibility, Unity, Progress.

      Enterprise Vision: To build a leading brand of sensors.

      Service Concept: Customer satisfaction is the only

      benchmark to inspect our works.

      Management Ideas: Make full use of talents and

      everything, No problem too large, no business too small

      and go for it.

      Employment Principle: choose our employees with

      talent and morality.

      Competition Concept: Independent R&D, Master the

      core technology, competing on quality.

      Quality Ideas: Professional is hope, quality assure all.







      After many years of market operations, the company most of the customers are in the area of large enterprises, and has established
      A long-term and stable customer relations.

      Online Contact

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